Rontel - Sam Pink I love everything I've ever read by Sam Pink, and this one was great, definitely a favorite. Pink's honesty is hilarious, and I love that I can find a bit of myself in his writing.

"Always felt like, if I could pause time, I'd just go around and break everything then un-pause time, leaving people unharmed but everything else broken, even clouds, mountains, and the sun, maybe a fish or two as well."

Me too.

The Valentine's Day edition of the ebook included Pink's personal phone number and a promise that if I sent him a text, he'd sext me back. And he totally did. I wish I could provide a screen shot of the little conversation we had, but it's not safe for work or children. Really, it's probably not safe for anyone to look at. I'll probably never look at it again (just kidding I'll probably look at it every day because SAM PINK SENT ME TEXT MESSAGES).