Guilty Wives

Guilty Wives - James Patterson, David Ellis

I tend to be very strict in my ratings (most of the time, I give a book 3 stars, for "I liked it" because it's not often I feel much more than that), but this one was difficult. I was torn between giving the book 3 stars and giving it 4. Going by my usual rating system, I'd give it 3 stars (I finish the book and if I think "hm, that was okay," it gets 2. If I finish it and I'm in love with it and ridiculously excited about it and I immediately go looking up everything I can find about it, it gets 5), because after I finished it, I thought "I liked that." But I couldn't click that third star because something about this book kept me up reading way past my usual bed time, which I love, and that hasn't happened for quite a while. So it gets 4 stars, because even though it was ridiculous, I enjoyed it much more than I enjoyed any of my 3-star books.