Witch Piss

Witch Piss - Sam Pink

Witch Piss is about a guy who strikes up a conversation with a homeless man that leads to many days spent hanging out with several homeless people in the streets of Chicago. It's written in first person and the writing was so natural and realistic, I feel like Sam Pink actually spent time with homeless dudes. Actually... he might have. I'd be more surprised if he didn't.


The people the unnamed main character (possibly Sam himself?) talked to were often drunk, high, and/or missing teeth. They didn't speak with correct grammar, they pronounced words incorrectly, and sometimes they made absolutely no sense. Pink did a great job of writing the dialogue as if you were standing there listening to the people talk. I also liked that the main character always bought the homeless people food and beer. He was very sincere and generous, just a normal(ish) dude hanging out with and showing kindness to the type of people the rest of us usually try to ignore.


I liked this one a lot, but not as much as Sam Pink's other stuff because there weren't as many of his own thoughts. Like, it was mostly conversations he had with people rather than the stuff going on in his head. Still a great read though.